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An ambitious, enthusiastic, practical person who always had goals on the professional front, but also had a deep desire and yearning to do something for Jainism, undertook Seva as a way of life to achieve her goal of spiritual upliftment.


She always believes in “THINK DIFFERENTLY to do things DIFFERENTLY”.


Mrs. Darshna Dadia was always interested in and focused on children’s education and overall development. With a graduation in Commerce, and a Diploma in Commercial Arts, she was employed as a Graphic Designer with Adfactors Advertising. She has been a trainer for Infant SSY Program – the Art of Parenting (ISP) for 14 years where in she motivates many parents towards positive, joyful parenting and effortless upbringing of children. She was running Sanskriti Preschool & Overall Growth Centre for a period of 10 years. She was doing brilliantly well with a vision to create world leaders with a wisdom of a Guru. While she was busy playing the Guru, and was always curious and eager to teach, her life underwent a drastic transformation and revolution when she came in contact with Rashtrasant Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb.


The year 2007, when Parasdham was blessed with Pujya Gurudev’s Chaturmash. Darshnadidi first came face to face with an enthusiasm, an eagerness to learn instead of teaching. And slowly, her curiosity was getting satisfied by the answers she received from Pujya Gurudev.


With inspiration from Pujya Gurudev, her deep urge to do something for Bhagwan Mahavir’s Shashan, paved way with blessed opportunity to became a part of multiple missions, and is still playing a phenomenal role in many of Pujya Gurudev’s missions reach their ultimate goal and their ultimate Vision!


  • Look’N’Learn Jain Gyan Dham (LNL): A Jain Pathshala with a difference that aimed at nurturing young minds to be sensitive, spiritual and humble. A core Didi from its initiation, she has served as a Didi and center head for LnL Ghatkopar West, thereby molding many a young soul towards spirituality and religion. Now, she also undertakes classes for the parents of LnL kids.

  • Arham Yuva Seva Group: With AYSG, as a President, an Advisory Consultant & Head of Human Resource all her focus was to motivate the existing AYSG members and enhance their talents such that they stay connected with their roots.

  • Parasdham: is a spiritual community centre, serving as central location for several seekers who wish to practice sadhana and progress in their spiritual journey. With Parasdham, for 2 years she was blessed with handling Management and coordination seva of the Institute.

  • Paramdham: At the tranquil, calm, and serene land of Paramdham Ashram, she is a secretary & handles various administrative tasks, delegating sevaks with various seva.

  • Divine Drive: A unique drive which aims at driving the mobile phone-obsessed youth towards divinity by using the very same medium (phone) to communicate tasks each day, and tracking their spiritual progress. Darshnadidi has been blessed to be a part of this unique initiative and helping hundreds of people achieve their spiritual goals on an everyday basis.

  • Sambodhi Satsang: She is blessed immensely to be a part of a Satsang group which reaches out to the Gurubhakts with the divine Vani of Bhagwan Mahavir and enables people to uplift their souls and receive Sambodhi (enlightenment and wisdom).

  • Parasdham Federation: She is in Events & Administration – handling systems setting, creating forms & formats & systems manuals.

  • Event Management: Since last 7 years she has been blessed with opportunity involved in managing all spiritual events and shibirs and also management shibirs for all the missions of P. Gurudev.


With all this and more, she is an abundantly blessed soul who is able to attended almost all shibirs and offer her Seva from more than 11 years under the sanidhya of Pujya Gurudev, and also delegate Seva to various volunteering individuals, and also in helping them shape their lives in a way that is humble, divine and selfless. With these roles of Seva, she hopes she can transform many more lives and touch them with the teachings and preaching of Bhagwan Mahavir and Pujya Gurudev.

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