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With the blessings of Pujya Gurudev Dr. Shri Padam chandra Ji maharaj saheb, Jain Samani Dr. Suyashnidhi ji took Samani Diksha on May 15th, 2010 at Mysore, Karnataka and is currently rendering her services to humanity through Jay Parshva Padmodaya Ahimsa Research Foundation. She was born in a village of Karnataka, India and raised. She is educated in the field of dentistry, BDS, gold medalist; M.A. in Jainology – Gold medalist; Diploma course in Prakrit, Prakrit Ratna – Bronze medalist All India level;  PhD in Jainism – Gold Medalist honored by Governor of Karnataka; now pursuing post-doctoral research.



She has delivered lectures at JAINA Convention in Detroit, U.S.A. (2013), Atlanta U.S.A. (2015), YJA in Los Angeles U.S.A (2016) and regular speaker at many jain centres in India & Abroad on various topics like ‘Principles of Lord Mahaveer’, 3A’s of Jainism’, ‘Prayer Heals’, Software for your hardware’, ‘Karma Theory’, ‘Art & Science of relationship’, ‘Personality Development’, ‘Living Science’, ‘12 shravakvrata’, ‘ Soul complexions’, ‘ Secret of Success’, ‘Hard work never fails’, ’12 Bhavana’ & many more through power point presentations. She has visited many schools & colleges to educate students about moral values, Jain principles, vegetarianism, skill development and stress management during exams. She is well versed in several languages - English, Hindi, Marwadi, Gujrati and Kannada.



She is a yoga instructor helping many youngsters to develop good health and mental stability. She is well versed with Jain Anuppeha Dhyan Yog Sadhana, past life regression, Reiki, Pranic healing and other alternative techniques. She has conducted hundreds of meditation camps across the world with many one to one sessions with therapeutic results. She presents her lectures, workshops with a message that Jainism is a way of life – that is simple, easily practicable provided one knows the Truth and complete essence of it.

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