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At this point JCOWS has formed a core administrative committee consisting of individuals who are well connected with other Jain families in the region and are well spread out across the Seattle metro region.

In addition to the individuals mentioned below, JCOWS has been formed and has been successful only due to the active participation, help, support, guidance and enthusiasm of numerous other individuals. We hope that such engagement will not just continue but even grow further as we look to strengthen our organization and our teams.

If you are willing to offer voluntary services to the group in any capacity please feel free to reach out to us via email or to any of the committee members below.


Amit Shah

Amit resides in Redmond, WA with his wife Bhavna and son Samkit since 2014. Prior to that, they lived in Long Island, NY where Amit played an active role at the Jain Center of America Inc, NY. Amit currently works at Amazon as part of their finance team. He is well connected with several scholars in India including Tapovan, Parasdham, Vardhaman Sanskruti Dhaam, etc. Personally Amit has great knowledge and interest in performing Jain rituals at home and in derasar. In 2016, Amit even provided all the kids in the region a unique opportunity to perform Shri Saraswati devi mahapoojan at the learning center which his wife Bhavna runs in Redmond.


Hema Shah

Hema resides in Bellevue, WA with her husband Sanjay and son Hardik since 2000. Over the years that her family has spent in Seattle region, she feels most energized at current time with the vision that JCOWS has set out to achieve – to have an exclusive Jain derasar. Hema has had a long career at Microsoft helping their finance team. She has been a very active servant of Jain community and recently hosted ayambil oli aradhana at her residence where more than 150 ayambils were performed over nine days of the festival. She practices Jain way of living in her personal life and tries to inculcate those values to her son as well as other kids in the region by her association with Magic Touch pathshala.

Jimit Shah

Jimit resides in Bothell, WA with his wife Sapna and son Veer since 2008. He has been a very active member of Seattle Jain community and has led and coordinated several events in the past including monthly swadhyay programs, visits of scholars such as Pujya Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri, Pujya Dr Shri Kiritbhai Gosalia, Pujya Shri Fulchandbhai Shastri. Jimit has a business development and technical sales background and works for Amdocs where he is responsible for overseeing activities for T-Mobile. He is very interested in learning more about the science of Jainism and likes to listen religious discourses on a regular basis. Jimit has also helped shape the vision of JCOWS mission. 


Prasham Ajmera

Prasham resides in Redmond, WA with his wife Supriya and two kids - Jai and Isha since 2008. Prasham has been tirelessly serving the Jain community over the past several years and has been instrumental in successful execution of events such as Pujya Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri’s Seattle yatra and Shri Kiritbhai Gosalia’s paryushan lectures. Prasham is a geek at heart and has several illustrious accomplishments at multiple development teams in Microsoft. Prasham has a deep inclination towards understanding Jain philosophy and has been an active participant in Jain swdhyay groups. He is also connected with multiple Jain organizations in India.

Ultimately, JCOWS would like to reiterate that an organization such JCOWS has thrived only because of the enthusiastic participation of all Jain families in Seattle area as well as the tireless efforts of numerous volunteers that enable successful execution of large scale events. The entire JCOWS team is greatly indebted to all the families and volunteers for their encouragement and service.

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