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It is a long held dream of all Jain families in Washington to have a permanent Jain center in Seattle region where all the Jain norms are followed.


JCOWS is committed to turn this dream in to a reality very soon.


We are working on several different fronts in order to execute on this mission:

  • Land: Assessment of nature of land, city zoning, parking arrangements, neighborhood, safety norms, etc.

  • Financing: Outreach to families in Seattle region for contributions, contacting other Jain centers in North America for financial assistance and reaching out to India through maharaj sahib’s and Jain pedhis for financial assistance

  • Structure: Finalizing the specifics of things required for setting up a long term derasar such as derasar samagri, bhagwan samagri, etc. as well as a logistics plan for ancillary items such as bhojanshala (ongoing food arrangements, kitchen, etc), pathshala (classrooms, projectors, seating, etc) as well as construction elements (contractors, plans, etc)


If you wish to make a contribution towards this effort and are willing to contribute significant time or money please feel free to contact via e-mail.


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