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Nihar D. Bhansari has completed study of Panch Pratikraman, Nav tatva, Jiv vichar, Karmgranth, Yog relalated granth of Shree Haribhadrasuri Ms i.e. Yog drishti, Yog shatak etc.


He has been leading paryushan aaradhana for last 14 years within India and last years 4 years in United Kingdom and United States of America. The Paryushan 2019 will be his 4th Paryushan in USA.


With Pujya Guruma Shree Chandrashekhar vijayaji MS, he has been recognized as one of the leading Pravchankaar.


His ability to explain logic behind religious rituals, style of story telling and command over Hindi, Gujarati and English is truly appreciated by audience.

This year, he will be doing Paryushan Aaradhna for 19th time as a Tapovani Virsainik with the sole motive of Shashanseva and runmukti of Pujya Guruma Shree Chandrashekhar vijayaji MS.


He is practicing Chartered accountant in India. He completed his studies from Tapovan, Ahmedabad.


He has studied at HLIC and also completed Law course at Gujarat University in Ahmedabad.

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