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  • Passing on Jain traditions and values

  • Promote Jain way of life, happiness and spiritual growth, in a fun learning environment for kids

  • Aimed at inspiring and enabling children to live a more enriching and meaningful life, in line with the teachings of the Enlightened Souls.


Level 1 (5 - 7 Years) : Value Education and Self Development

Level 2 (7 - 10 Years) : Value Education + Early Education on Jain traditions

Level 3 (10 - 15 Years) : Education based on Jain traditions


To Register for Pathshala complete the following

  • Complete the registration form

  • Make the registration payment. (Reach out to get the mode of payments)


Registration Form: Submit Form


New Redmond Community Center

Address: 6505 176th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052


Day: 1st and 3rd Saturday every Month

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Jan - Dec (Summer break in July / August)


If you have further questions please contact



Our aim is to provide exciting and educative learning environment. We are a Dharmik Paathshala. Dharam means something that helps us to avoid bad life experiences and takes us to good life experiences. And Pathshala is a place to learn. So Dharmik Pathshala means a place where children and adults can learn about dharam.


We strive to follow three basic principle of Jainism with an aim to provide good life experiences to our students.


Samyak Gyan: Let’s learn what Bhagwan has seen in his Keval Gyan and given to us via various stutiti and Sutra. We try to understand “What” and “Why” part here.


Samyak Darshan: We strive to build a Shradha – a strong belief that whatever Bhagwan has told is true. With our limited knowledge we may not be able to understand everything Bhagwan has told us. But if we follow what Bhagwan has told us, we will definitely achieve salvation.


Samyak Charitra: Follow Jain way of life.


For example, eating after sunset or eating ground vegetables leads to infinite jeev hinsa (Samyak Gyan). By doing these activities, our soul attracts infinite bad karama (Samyak Darshan). We should constantly aspire to give up these paap activities and live jain way of life (Samyak Charitra).


Whether we are in India or in Seattle, USA – the teachings of Bhagwan are equally applicable to us.


Guidelines for Parents/Kids

  • Be on time

  • Avoid conflicts with other activities during class days

  • Volunteer and help whenever possible

  • Communicate with your kids and discuss what they learnt in class

  • To deliver class effectively, we would appreciate parents not being in class. 


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