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2904 266TH AVE NE, BLDG A, REDMOND WA 98053


Daily: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Prakshal Time

Daily: Based on sunrise time.

Pooja Time

Daily after Prakshal till sunset

Arti/Divo Time

Daily Around 6:30 PM (Early due to darkness and cold)

Spend time on your or your family members important occasions at Redmond Sammamish Jain Center
Details: Click Here

This Jain derasar has Anjan Shalaka Prachin Pratimaji of Shri Parshvanath Baghwan (250 years old) and Shri Shantinath Bhagwan (500 years old) from Randhanpur, Patan District, Gujarat

Hours: Hours are 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM every single day (extended hours will be published for Paryushan/Das Lakshana or any other major Jain event).

Access Code: The numeric access code is written in hindi and gujarati next to the door. Please make sure that the lights are switched off and the door is locked when you leave. 


Whatsapp Group: For receiving periodic updates via Whatsapp regarding gruha mandir entry code as well as other events please send a Whatsapp message to 425-305-9936 and you will be added to the group. You can even request to receive the code to the derasar by sending a Whatsapp message to this number.


Pooja Samagri: Pooja samagri is available and can be used by all appropriately. 

More Information regarding the derasar can be found here:

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