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Sampratibhai Shah a resident of Ahmedabad, India, is professional singer and his voice is filled with divinity only due to deep blessings of Pujya Guruma Chandrashekhar Vijaya ji as well as other honourable Acharya Bhagawants of Jain Sangh. 


Samprati is among the outstanding singers of Tapovan and has been a part of this Sanstha for more than fifteen yearsSince 2004, every year, he visits various Jain Sanghs across the world (U.S.A, U.K, Kenya,Newzealand, India) to celebrate Paryushan Maha Parva . 


Sampratibhai, a young and passionate singer, music arranger and composer. He gave his first stage performance at the age of five. As a teenager he won approximately twenty awards in the music field. His music Guruji, Shree Aniket Khandekar, is the most renowned classical singer. Sampratibhai trained himself underneath the guidance of Guruji.


Moreover, Sampratibhai owns a studio and manages to record his albums. One can listen him on his YouTube channel. "Prasham Samprati Parshva"

Link : PrashamSampratiParshva


He owns a diamond jewelry business.


He practices Jain rituals, viz. drinking boiled water, ratribhojan tyag and such other, in his regular life. 

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