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A serial entrepreneur from the age of 22, a successful business person and once a strong career oriented individual, Paritosh Shah has witnessed an intensely humbling and life transforming experience under the sanidhya of Rashtrasant Param Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb.

In the world of business, Paritosh’s achievements have been as below:

  • Director at Schneider Electric since last seven years, a Fortune 500 global corporation with an annual revenue of EUR 25 billion, and over 160,000 employees.

  • Co-founder of Skelta - an award winning Product company (awarded by the then Hon. President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam), that has subsequently been acquired by Invensys / Schneider Electric.

  • Prior to Skelta, he co-founded NetGalactic - an Internet Services company providing web-based custom solutions to companies in US, Europe and Middle East. As CEO, he played an integral role in transforming NetGalactic from a 2-member startup to a 120 member strong team. 

  • Also co-founded companies like CyberDesign and Cyber Business Solutions. 

  • Started his career as a Senior Software Engineer managing 30 engineers, working at Icode software USA; holds a degree in Engineering with specialization in Computer Science.

After co-founding several companies in the quest of happiness and success; Paritosh realized how momentary his achievements were, and how they all came with an expiry date. Pujya Gurudev’s sanidhya gave him a strikingly different perspective towards life and success. And his deep insight gave Paritosh a logical reasoning of the ‘why’ behind several activities that we do in our day to day life, helping him understand how scientific and vast Lord Mahavir’s knowledge is. 


Never deeply inclined towards religion or spirituality, Paritosh was pleasantly surprised by this new found understanding that crushed his past beliefs. As he gave it deeper thought, his devotion strengthened; and as his devotion increased, his vision gained further clarity; transforming his outlook completely. Since then, his journey has only seen an upward elevation.


In Pujya Gurudev’s sanidhya for the past 5 years, Paritosh has been an inspiration for innumerable seekers with his sheer devotion and humility (Vinay). Being a powerful motivational speaker, he has represented Pujya Gurudev and his missions on several occasions in India and abroad with the goal of sharing what he himself has earned with one and all. Here are some highlights of his Shasan Prabhavna activities:

  • Delivered thought provoking sessions to the Jain Community abroad, sharing his personal experiences pertaining to Aatma Shuddhi & Vrutti Parivartan, at

    • Jaina Convention 2017 in New Jersey

    • Jain Center of Northern California

    • Jain Center of Boston

    • Look and Learn Jain Center of Dubai

  • Shared his experiences on self-experiments in Guru Sanidhya with the Gurubhakt community at several places across India, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Paramdham, etc. 

  • Delivered various speeches focused for the youth at Shibirs in Pujya Gurudev’s sanidhya, encouraging youngsters to discover and develop their inner potential with the strong foundation of Vinay.

  • Organized several insightful sessions for the non-Jain community as well, inspiring them with scientific knowledge and logical reasoning about Dharma as portrayed in our scriptures. 

  • Conducted motivating sessions on the power of positive thinking for his employees at Schneider Electric, where he serves as the Director currently.

  • Conducted various management training sessions for all the domestic helpers and sevaks at Parasdham’s spiritual centers


Paritosh’s strength lies in bringing to life the teachings of Lord Mahavir into action in the present world. His talks on topics like Anger management, Power of Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Success with Spirituality, etc. helps him effectively present a real life account of the transformation that he has experienced and witnessed; and thus give religion and spirituality a logical, real world meaning which easily connects with today's young generation. 

Apart from being an immensely motivational speaker, Paritosh has also been actively spearheading the digital initiative of Parasdham as the Head of the Technological Team, with the aim of taking Pujya Gurudev’s teachings on the precepts of Bhagwan Mahavir to every heart globally. Through the usage of modern media like Websites, Audio & Video Pravachans, Live Webcast, Spiritual Upliftment & Progress Apps, Whatsapp Channels for Daily Inspiring Messages, etc., the Tech Team initiative today has touched the souls of more than 1 million individuals globally and brought about a qualitative change in the lives of innumerable Jains and non-Jains alike.


Viral didi was born and brought up in a devout Jain family and with it she inherited Jain virtues, life style and basic knowledge of Jainism.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in commerce from Delhi University.

In 2009 she was inspired by Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni M.S., during his vihar yatra in East India. Her training by Gurudev started with reading of Aagam and practicing daily meditation.  Slowly she started conducting satsang for the members of the Arham Yuva Seva Group in 2010.


As her training progressed she was appointed for Shashan Prabhavak and Sambodhi Satsang groups of Kolkata (West Bengal). This group conducts interactive sessions on a topic selected from Gurudev’s DVD or CD and presents this to the audience with lots of creativity to ensure the devotees’ constant elation in their inner journey. She was also appointed to represent Kolkata in the All-India Syllabus Team.


She has attended many discourses and shibirs of Gurudev and gained considerable knowledge. She was trained to give discourses for Shashan Prabhavna. With blessings of Gurudev she has given discourses at Dhanbad, Howrah, Toliganj and Kolkata. In Howrah she gave discourses during Paryushan. In 2016 she was invited for Paryushan in California and then continued to go around the US and gave discourses in San Francisco, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Washington DC. She is also in charge of regularly conducting satsang with committee members and Trustees of Kolkata Parasdham. She has created power point presentations on various topics like Chaud Raj Lok, Char Gati, Samveg & Nirved.


She is a founder and head didi of Look n Learn (pathshala), Kolkata Center. She is enriched with deep knowledge of Jainism, variety of teaching skills, unique approaches to different projects and guide other didi’s and children. Viral didi’s daily routine includes study of Jain Scriptures, Aagam reading, observing silence, meditation and fasting. She has done Atthai, Navai, Ayambil oli, Maskhaman and Varsitap.

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Shashan Prabhavak Viral Didi
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