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Paryushan 2017


Jai Jinendra everyone:

We are less than one month from away from start of Parvadhiraj Paryushan.

The Jain Center of Washington State (JCOWS) is grateful to each of you for all the support in Paryushan last year and subsequent events since then. With your blessing, we will strive to have an even better celebration of Paryushan this year.

It is with immense excitement we announce our collaboration with Pujya Shri Namramuni MS's Parasdham. Gurudev has personally blessed our Seattle sangh to have great aaradhna and has agreed to send two learned scholars to be in our midst to elevate our souls and connect to divinity.

JCOWS also invites all of you to become hosts by having Paryushan events in your homes as per the attached schedule.

Further details will continue to be distributed in coming days. Like always, JCOWS appreciates any feedback or questions from you.

Warm Regards,


Paryushan with Scholars from Parasdham (India)

Paryushan Schedule

Unique Event Hosting opportunity.

Contact us soon to reserve your preferred day and time

Keep yourself updated

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