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Updates from Diwali (Mahavir Nirvan Kalyanak) Celebrations

Getting pratyaksh laabh of Sadhu/Sadhvi dharma prabhavna and doing their seva is something that our sangh has never witnessed before in Seattle. We are eternally grateful to Samani Dr. Suyashnidhiji and Samani Sudhannidhiji for gracing us with their presence and enlightening us about so many facets of Jain dharma and Jain way of life in such a friendly and easy manner.

For us Jains, Diwali is most significant since it marks the Nirvaan Kalyanak of Shri Mahavir Swami Bhagwaan. Before attaining Nirvaana, Bhagwaan Mahavir provided antim deshna that has been captured in Shri Uttaradhyayan Sutra. For the first time in USA, we had Uttaradhyayan Sutra reading every morning leading up to Diwali day thanks to Samaniji.

The physical distance with India makes it very difficult for all of us to have close interactions with sadhu/sadhvijis on a regular basis. And to have such insightful thought provoking discussions with them sitting in this land is unique and priceless. Some of the lectures and Q&A discussions with samaniji about karmas, Uttaradhyayan Sutra meaning and Jain Anuppeha gyan (meditation). The few topics like Importance of Vinay, Software for Hardware and Four maha durlabh are bound to have a very positive impact to our lives. Recorded lectures are available here.

All of us are deeply indebted to both Samaniji’s for being in our midst and showing us the way. We look forward to seeing you again in Seattle and wish you good shaata and anukulta for your dharma aradhana.

Throughout last few days, so many of you have enthusiastically participated in daily events and showed willingness to continuously learn and adopt Jain principles. JCOWS is thankful to all of you and it encourages us to have such events on a more regular basis.

Nihal Jain conceived the idea for doing Diwali this unique way, worked on inviting Samaniji, deciding topics and many other aspects. Join us in expressing our gratitude towards Dimple & Nihal Jain and Veena & Anil Jain for being the main coordinators and facilitators of this program and for hosting samaniji’s. A big thank you also to all the families that hosted events in their homes. Please feel free to reach out to JCOWS if you would like to see a particular Jain scholar event or have suggestions about future religious programs that can be conducted.

Last but not the least, JCOWS thanks all the volunteers and their families who helped during the event. Without your support, such events could never be possible. We look forward to your continued support and wish to expand our volunteer family.

A copy of JCOWS financials that were presented to the entire sangh during our event on Sunday, 22nd October is available for you to download here. Send us an email at if you have any questions.

Here’s hoping that this new year becomes a milestone year for your adhyatmik pragati. Yours Gratefully,

PS: As per Jin shaasan we try organize swami vatsalya meals for sadharmik bhakti. We request you to RSVP in advance for the events and are thankful to all of you for your responses. The intention for this exercise is to avoid food wastage. Unfortunately, we have noticed a number of instances where a families who have RSVP’ed “Yes” to the event are unable to make it. This results in food wastage and encourages consumption of unfresh food. We humbly request you to update your RSVP responses if you are unable to attend the event after accepting it. You can do it by sending an email at or Whatsapp message to JCOWS (425-305-9936).


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