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Jai Jinendra Sangh,

During pujya samaniji’s recent visit, we got an opportunity to present to Sangh and samaniji the activities, engagement, financials as well as future plans.

Pujya Samaniji, and indeed all other religious scholars/dignitaries that have visited the region, have unanimously echoed the sentiment that it is imperative to have:

  • Regular scholar visits to keep the flame of knowledge, dharma and aaradhna within us.

  • Kids pathshala to inculcate Jain values in our kids.

Pujya Samniji suggested an innovative model to achieve above two goals. As the Jain new year has just begun, all Jain families can pledge one dollar each day of this year ($365 for the year).

We are thankful to many families who have already participated in this program (see list below) and are making a humble appeal to ALL OF YOU to become a part of JCOWS D-A-D (Dollar-A-Day) program.

Our target is to have 71 families support this program.

You can support by clicking the donate link at

or by email us at

D-A-D (Dollar-A-Day) 2017-2018 Labharthi

  • Anand Kumat

  • Bharati & Harshad Shah

  • Bhavna & Amit Shah

  • Daksha & Chandresh Shah

  • Dheeraj Lutia

  • Dimple & Nihal Jain

  • Dimple & Ravindra Nandavat

  • Hema & Sanjay Shah

  • Hemali & Manthan Maru

  • Jesika & Pranay Doshi

  • Khyati & Jinesh Varia

  • Khyati & Milan Mehta

  • Kishore Surana

  • Krunal Doshi

  • Manu & Gautam Bohra

  • Mauli & Parthiv Shah

  • Neha & Dhiresh Jain

  • Nili & Mahendra Balu

  • Nirmal Bhandari

  • Pooja & Piyush Jain

  • Poonam & Kunal Shah

  • Rekha & Sudhir Shah

  • Ruchi & Arun Sacheti

  • Sapna & Jimit Shah

  • Shilpa & Mahavir Chhajed

  • Sujata & Jitesh Solanki

  • Supriya & Prasham Ajmera

  • Veena & Anil Jain

  • Vidya & Siddharth Chaudhary


JCOWS (Jain Center of Washington State)


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