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Ayambil Oli March 2018 - Registration

Jai Jinendra everyone, With blessings of Shree Parshwanath bhagwan we would like to invite sangh for Ayambil Oli tap. Bhavna, Amit and Samkit Shah along with their parents have taken the labh to sponsor the Ayambil Oli event this year. The period of Ayambil Oli occupies a place of pride in the Jain tradition and is considered one of the most sacred parvas. We all want to do aaradhana without Dosha and with same suddh bhav the Ayambil is done in India. We have invited Nayanbhai Sanghavi from India to grace the occasion doing bhakti & aradhana on this Shashvat Mahaparav. Dates: 23rd March - 31st March Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM Location: Location: 20515 NE Union Hill Rd, Redmond WA - 98053 Please fill out form below indicating your interest to do Ayambil. All about Ayambil Oli: We need help in food prep, setup, serving and windup.

If you would like to volunteer during any of the days please let us know the day, time and areas you can help by emailing us at or WhatsApp at 425-305-9936. Based on the number of enrollments, we will call some or all the volunteers who have signed up.


JCOWS (Jain Center of Washington State)


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