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9 Day Ayambil Oli Program

Jai Jinendra everyone, Following activities will be conducted daily during Ayambil Oli Dates: Friday, March 23 to Saturday, March 31 Venue: Residence of Bhavna & Amit Shah Location: Parshavdham, 20515 NE Union Hill Road, Redmond 98053 Ayambil Tapasvi Lunch Hours: 12:00 - 1:15 PM RSVP still open ( We also have few dates available to host Snatra Puja (Mar 28, 30 and Apr 2nd) and Evening Bhakti (March 28, 29, 30 and Apr 3rd). Contact us if you are interested in any. Join us in thanking Bhavna, Amit and Samkit Shah along with their parents for sponsoring entire Ayambil Oli event this year. Special thanks also to Shri Nayanbhai Sanghvi for gracing our sangh one more time for this auspicious festival.


JCOWS (Jain Center of Washington State)


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