Jain Samani in Seattle(Aug 17 - Aug 19) & Unique hosting and gochri opportunity

Jai Jinendra Sangh, From Aug 16 - 19, we will have 2 Samanijis visiting from India for kids session, lecture series and meditation session. These pujya Samanijis are from same JPP group who had enriched our sangh last year during Diwali. There is a unique opportunity for the sangh to take labh hosting them at your place and/or take Gochri labh. Contact JCOWS if interested

Hiteshbhai Shah in Seattle Detailed Event Schedule

Please reach out to us for hosting, gochri and/or other sponsorship opportunities. We will share venue details soon. You can learn more about samaniji here Jain Samani Shreenidhiji: https://www.jcows.org/shreenidhiji Jain Samani Shruthnidhiji: https://www.jcows.org/shruthnidhiji


Contact Us

  • Website: http://www.jcows.org

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaincenterofwashingtonstate

  • WhatsApp: 425-305-9936 (Whatsapp 'Jai Jinendra' along with your name and email to get WhatsApp updates)

  • Email: connect@jcows.org

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