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Snatra Pujan/Aarti & Mangal Divo on your special days at Redmond Sammamish Jain Center

Jai Jinendra Sangh, Below message from Purvi and Kunal Shah for spending time on your special occasions at Redmond Sammamish Jain Center.


We are truly as excited as many families are taking laabh of Darshan, Pooja and other things at Redmond Sammamish Jain center. On our and family member’s important days (example birthdays and marriage ceremony) we all desire to spend meaningful time in Prabhu bhakti by doing Snatra or Aarti & Mangal divo at derasar. Please join us for doing morning/evening Aarti & Mangal divo on these important days or join us to do Snatra Pooja on Sunday of your special occasion week. Please send an email at so we can confirm your request at earliest.


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