Jain Samani in Seattle: Aug 17 - Aug 19

From Aug 16 - 19, we will have Jain Samani Shreenidhiji and Samani Shruthnidhiji visiting Seattle from India for kids session, lecture series and meditation session.

Khub khub Anumodna to

- Teena Rutia and family and Supriya and Prasham Ajmera's family for signing up to host Samaniji's stay at their place.

- Vidya and Siddharth Chaudhry for sponsoring cabana rental and swamivatsalya lunch during Saturday's morning session

There is a unique opportunity for the sangh to take Gochri labh.

Jain Samaniji in Seattle Detailed Event Schedule

Please reach out to (832)701-4701 or JCOWS for Gochri, Samniji Pagla and/or other sponsorship opportunities.

You can learn more about samaniji here Jain Samani Shreenidhiji: https://www.jcows.org/shreenidhiji Jain Samani Shruthnidhiji: https://www.jcows.org/shruthnidhiji


Contact Us

  • Website: http://www.jcows.org

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaincenterofwashingtonstate

  • WhatsApp: 425-305-9936 (Whatsapp 'Jai Jinendra' along with your name and email to get WhatsApp updates)

  • Email: connect@jcows.org

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