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Info to register for Mantra Aaradhak group and Divine drive

Jai Jinendra, After the highly uplifting and spiritual Paryushan with Scholars from Parasdham and truly amazing live session with Gurudev Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, many people have asked for more info on how to join their programs. Check the details, Please reach out to the contacts mentioned below to get more info and join. Divine Drive - Prayog se Param tak ki Yatra Follow weekly and daily milestones that will elevate our souls by regular dharm aaradhna using app on Android or iPhone Register here: Join the Divine Drive Seattle WhatsApp Group: Program contact Vandana Gala at (425) 945-6140. Mantra Aaradhna - Experience the Positive Power The Divine Uvasaggaharam Stotra is a hymn of praise dedicated to Paramatma Parshvanath. The heartwarming words of the Stotra increases a devotees respect and awe for Paramatma, which in turn melts his ego. It makes a person innocent and humble. Join the Mantra Aaradhna Whatsapp group here: Program contact Supriya Ajmera at (425) 582-3435.


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