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Paryushan 2019 (Aug 26 - Sept 3)

Jai Jinendra,

Parshav Jain Center will host Paryushan Mahaparva starting from August 26 - September 3.

Similar to previous years, there will be daily lectures, Puja and Pratikraman under guidance of Jain Scholars from India.

Visiting Scholars

Nihaarbhai Bhansari has been doing paryushan aaradhana for more than 20 years. He has led aaradhana in USA and other countries.

Sampratibhai Shah has been leading Bhakti Sangeet for 14 years. There is dedicated Jain Stavan channel for Sampratibhai and his group.

Both above scholars are trained under guidance of Param Pujya Shri Chandrasekhar Maharaj Sahib and are student of Tapovan.


There have been some changes to upcoming events so please take a look at the updated schedule for the remaining days. Also reminder for RSVP for Swapna Darshan Event. RSVP closes Friday August 30 by 12.39 PM


Changes to Events

Bhaav Yatra - Friday 8/30 - 8:00 PM Jain Quiz - Sunday 9/1 - 2:00 PM After Sutra/Stavan recital we will host Jain quiz. Participants have to be family or group (No solo). So get your team ready, prepared and come. Opportunity to do Attham (Starting 8/31) We have long weekend and this is very rare opportunity. Next year we do not have Paryushan during Labor day weekend.

Attarvarna (pre-Attham Dinner) - 4 PM on Friday Aug 30 (Deravasi) and 4 PM on Saturday August 31 (Sthanak/Achhal Gatch)

Parna (post-Attham breakfast) - 8 AM on Sept 3 (Deravasi) 8 AM on Sept 4 (Sthanak/Achhal Gatch) Rare Opportunity to do Paushadh on Samvatsari Day (9/2) We tend to appreciate better another way of living if we live it ourselves. Every Jain should do Paushadh (Posho) atleast once in their life.

We are pleased to announce a rare opportunity right here in our temple. The visiting scholars (Sampratibhai and Niharbhai), will conduct a Paushadh (Posho) session between 06:30 AM to 08:30 PM.

Those with household responsibilities can start Desavaggasi at 9.30 AM.

The restroom process will be explained by the visiting scholars.

Please respond if you plan to do Attham or Posha.


Below you can find Event Details, Sponsorship Opportunities and Swapna Darshan Program Boli and Nakro details.

Important Events

Swapna Darshan

To take Swapna Darshan Labh view the details: Swapna Darshan Labh

Sign up early to get a confirmed spot.

Sutra and Stavan Recital/Performance

Stavan/Sutra Recital/Performance Day : Event and Participation Details

Sign up soon. [Nominations are now closed]


Venue: Parshav Jain Center Location: 20515 NE Union Hill Road, Redmond WA 98053


Please RSVP for Paryushan events so that it helps in planning appropriately: RSVP Link

RSVP closes Friday August 30 by 12.39 PM


Updated Program Event Details (Aug 30 - Sept 3)


Program Event Details (Check the updated details above for changes)


Sponsorship Opportunities


Swapna Darshan Program Boli and Nakro Details


Swapna Darshan Program Boli and Nakro Details


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