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Paryushan 2019 - Take Swapan Darshan Labh

Jai Jinendra,

Please reach out to PJCOWS for taking labh in any swapna darshan / sponsorship opportunities during Paryushan Parv.

All Nakros are first come - first serve.

If you are interested in any Nakros/Boli/any Sponsorship opportunity, please share your full name, contact# and Boli details like below example :

  • Elephant Jhulavanu - $501 - N Modi - 999-888-777

  • Snatra Puja - 1st Sept - Amit Shah - 666-555-4445

Complete event details:

Paryushan Venue: Parshav Jain Center Location: 20515 NE Union Hill Road, Redmond WA 98053

RSVP closes Friday August 30 by 12.39 PM

Please RSVP for Paryushan events so that it helps in planning appropriately: RSVP Link


Sponsorship Opportunities


Swapna Darshan Program Boli and Nakro Details


Contact Us

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  • WhatsApp: 425-305-9936 (Whatsapp 'Jai Jinendra' along with your name and email to get WhatsApp updates)

  • Email:

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