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With the blessings of Pujya Gurudev Dr. Shri Padam chandra Ji maharaj saheb, Jain Samani Sudhannidhi ji took samani diksha on October 30th, 2014 at Jalgaon, Maharashtra and is currently rendering her services through Jay Parshva Padmodaya Ahimsa Research Foundation. She was born in Gangavati, Karnataka and graduated in commerce (B.Com) and post-graduation M.A. in Jainology. She is now preparing herself for NET exam and to further pursue PhD in Jainism.


She takes special classes to train children about moral values, self-discipline, Jainism and many more through modern ways. She is passionate to promote Jainism worldwide and is well versed in several languages - English, Hindi, Marwadi, Gujrati and Kannada.



She is also a yoga instructor and very well versed with Jain anuppeha dhyan yog sadhana meditation technique to curb down the karmic bondages. She believes in simplicity to be the best way one can easily climb the ladder of spiritual progress. Everyone receives menu of circumstances in life as per their set karmas. Her lectures emphasize on the insights of Jain philosophy.

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