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To briefly introduce myself and my wonderful journey of 44 years, I would describe myself as an amalgamation of Entrepreneur / Teacher / Educational Consultant / Educational Administrator / Teacher Training Professional / Motivational Speaker / Religious Study Curriculum Developer / Wife / Mother and above all a Gurubhkat, a devotee!


I am lucky to live through these multi- faceted roles daily as they help me discover my potential and enrich my life experience.



From helping my friends as a child with their schoolwork to defining a 2 decades old career as an Educator in various capacities fem a teacher to a head to being a consultan, it has been an extremely gratifying experience for me and continues to be so. To open a child’s mind to a world of new possibilities has always been my passion.



1992-2004 : Teacher and coordinator - in ICSE and international schools, Mumbai

1996 - 2004 : Language Lab Mumbai, Coaching (500 students)

2004 - 2006 : Assistant Head -The Galaxy International School, Rajkot

2007 - 2011 : Vice-President Academics -JBCN Education Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Preschool-to Grade 5

2011 - 2012 : Consultant for School-Set Up - Learning Temple, Mumbai, Preschool to Grade 5

2013 : School Co-ordinator - The Indian Academy- Dubai,

2013 - 2016 : Academic Consultant - Ajial Consultancy Dubai, Sharjah



My personal strengths can be summed up in the following points

  • High personal integrity and able to relate to and create trust in all

  • A decision maker and solution oriented person

  • Experience of working within a team based culture involving out of the box thinking.

  • Commitment, planning, organization and time management.

  • Articulate, confident and persuasive team builder. Able to motivate and communicate.

  • Achieve exceptional performance.

  • Dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team efforts to produce genuine long-term sustainable 2 development for the organization.

  • An inquirer, optimistic, creative, a quick learner and possess an ability to survive in a crisis,

  • Adaptability, meticulous in planning and implementing, resourceful, team player, ability to look for long term solutions instead of temporary improvisations, good sense of humor,

  • Self motivating and self evolving


A life long learner…. The quest for knowledge still continues.


I have been born, brought up and married to a Gujarati Jain. I had a good basic knowledge of Jainism. Family life and career were all consuming in my life and left little time for anything else. Until I met Pujya Gurudev Shri Namramuni Maharaj Saheb in 2007 at Parasdham, Ghatkopar. His depth of knowledge, insights about Jainism and daily life, practicality and a cosmic pull of the divine led me to seek his Sanidhya. I discovered a completely new world of Spirituality and Jainism. Today I Ironically, the teacher became the student.



Swadhyay, Sanidhya and Sharan of Rashtrasant Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb guide me every day in my life and the various missions I have undertaken over the years.


LooknLearn Jain Gyan Dham: I have been a core member of the founding team of Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham, a value-based learning program that imparts knowledge and principles of Jainism to young children and teenagers. My teaching background and experience were a perfect fit for this venture. An extremely successful mission, Look N Learn is now entering its 10th year.


My responsibilities included but were not limited to the following:

  • Curriculum designing Jainism being taught as rote learning holds no value for future generations. The essence of these ancient teachings have to be made relevant to today’s life and it’s pace. This was done by reinventing the way we approach religion. Lessons were designed to include stories, games, activities, plays, group discussions, family homework, practicals, day trips etc, wherein a child would imbibe complex Jain philosophies in a playful interesting environment.

Working closely with children and school administrations for more than 15 years gave me an extra edge to fulfill this responsibility to a great degree.

  • Teacher Training The success of a learning program rests solely on the shoulders of its teachers and their ability to help children not 3 only learn but also connect with their subject and be eager to delve deeper. Training involved various aspects such as how to conduct classes, speak, dress, address questions and doubts from children, understanding the psyche of a child, parent – teacher relationships, discipline, understanding the vision of the mission etc.

Again having worked at some of the finest schools in the country, I could contribute very effectively at teacher training sessions. I have successfully conducted various teacher training programs pan India and have trained 900+ didis for Look N Learn.

  • Administration Look N Learn today has over 100 centers in India and abroad. This calls for standardizing policies, equipping centers with learning kits, regular quality checks of centers, teacher training, upgrading effective teaching- learning skills etc.

As I was already into school administration and consulting, I could help shape the Look N Learn administration into being effective, organized and professional on par with institutional administrations. I have been a founder member of this divine mission leading thousands on the divine path.

  • Look N Learn Magazine A fortnight magazine that drives concepts in a child friendly manner. Look N Learn Children’s Magazine is very popular among children. It has been instrumental in getting kids interested in Jainism and its philosophies.


I serve as writer, designer and editor at various periods of time.



  • I have basic knowledge of Pratikraman and Samayik Sutras.

  • I have given the Shreni Exams upto Grade 2.



From 2010 to 2016 I was residing in Dubai. In these 6 years I have been instrumental in starting 7 Look N Learn centers in the UAE.


Look N Learn International Division: 

We are currently at 13 locations

USA – 3 centers

Dubai – 4 centers

Abu Dhabi – 1 center

Sharjah – 2 centers

Malaysia – 1 center

Sudan – 2 centers


I have personally conducted training programs in UAE and Malaysia centers. Teacher training sessions are conducted online.



  • I have translated, written and edited various publications, to name a few:

  1. Divine Love,

  2. Uvassaghar stotra

  3. Shree Upashakdashang sutra

  4. Aavshayak sutra

  5. The Golden staircase

  6. Freedom from opinions

  7. Look N Learn magazine

  • I have written, translated and edited articles for Speaking Tree on behalf of Pujya Gurudev.

  • I have translated various religious texts and discourses for newspaper and online articles.  

  • Currently I’m a core team member of translating the Shree Aagam Scriptures from Gujarati to English.



PKP is a unique on-the-go learning venture launched in 2016 for adults. It uses online messaging to impart Jainism teachings and philosophies in a carefully thematic way for adults to understand and implement Jain principles in their life. It is tailor made for people to learn at their own convenience.


I have been involved since the inception of the mission. My responsibilities have ranged from forming the content to promoting and marketing the service through TV ads, Social Media, E-Flyers and Online marketing.



Another one of digital ventures inspired by Pujya Gurudev, Divine Drive is a unique spiritual growth tracker mobile app developed by us and launched in 2016. Though this was a new field for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the whole process of developing a mobile app from scratch.


It has been a very challenging mission for me but I have only grown in knowledge and experience for it. I’m proud to say that in a short time the app already has 1200 Upashaks.



I have conducted various children, youth and adult Jainism workshops in various cities across India such as Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Rajkot etc.

I have conducted the same in Malaysia and Singapore in 2013.

In addition to LNL centers I have also conducted various sathsangs, spiritual workshops and events in association with the UAE Jain Sanghs between 2010 -2016.


2017 – shashan prabhavna in Boston(3 day), Washington(2 days) , long island(2 days) an New York session for Paryushan


Shashan Prabhavna and spreading Prabhu Mahavir’s message of peace and compassion is the aim of my life. As Pujya Gurudev says” Bhagwan nu naam leva vala Ghana hase pan kaam karva vala???”

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