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An extremely rare combination is to see a 23 year old youngster coloured with the hues of spirituality, drenched in divinity and dedicated to the Divine. Sadhak Param Upasana Didi has an extraordinary persona which has always urged her to speculate every situation.



Inspite of being born with the golden spoon, travelled and visited 6 out of 7 continents, and more than 31 countries around the world, a truly lucky and a blessed kid with properties named after her, she always looked out for some missing X-factor in her life. She was one of those fortunate teen ager whose wish would be fulfilled by her loving parents even before she expressed it. In-turn she was also a caring daughter who would go limits to fulfill their desires.

At the age of 6, her parents took her for darshan of Rashtrasant Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, and that one Sant-Darshan became the Marg-Darshan for her life. Being in Pujya Gurudev's Sanidhya from a young age, she was absorbing all the vitality required for her spiritual growth right from her childhood. Small instances occurring around during her routine life made her move closer to the truth. Whenever she would visit a restaurant, a flash of compassionate thought would urge her to think about thousands of children starving of hunger and made her feel guilty about relishing the delicacies. Her highly introspective nature made her think that today's luxuries are transient and there maybe a day where she won't have them around. Then why run after the ephemeral?



Upasna Didi kept going for Gurudev's Darshan every now and then. However, it was the Apurva Yog Shibir in Chinchan in the year 2011, that gave a new vision & perspective to her thinking. The turning point in her life was a thought that ‘If I continue leading a life as per others wishes, I would just end up being a Bundle of temporary desires. This is what I have been doing in infinite births.’ Now there was only one strong desire in her heart and that was to get rid of all Desires! Thus her inward journey began...

She embraced the life of a Sadhak in Pujya Gurudev's blessed Sanidhya. In this life, her lifestyle witnessed a complete transformation. Meditation, Swadhyay, Sadhana, Seva, was the course of this new lifestyle, each allowing her to introspect on her own nature, overcome her false beliefs and vices, inculcate virtues, evolve her thought process and attitude, and illuminate the light of truth within her.


Pujya Gurudev’s profound exposition on various Sutras and Aagams, coupled with the intensive study sessions from senior Mahasatijis helped Upasna didi learn, memorize and imbibe the teachings of Jainism with great insight.



In the 5 years of this life as a Sadhak, Upasna didi has been always eager to learn Parmatma’s preaching and has done Dharmik Swadhyay (study) of various Aagams and scriptures, along with intensive study on various topics of Tatvagnan. By Learning by- heart Samayik, Pratikraman, Pucchinsunam Veer Stuti, 125 Aagam Gathas and many other Aagam Sutras, she feels contentment upto her soul with the Bhaav as if she is learning the language of Parmatma which will help her in communicating with the Param Tattva!


Apart from Swadhyay, a key aspect of the Sadhak lifestyle is ‘Seva’. Upasna didi’s pragna (vision), her creativity and her love towards Jin Shasan has given her the blessed opportunity to be a part of innumerable seva activities and these seva have not only helped her uplift her own Bhaav and annihilate her Karmas, but also induced in her a deep urge to take Parmatma Mahavir’s invaluable knowledge to souls across the world.


Upasna didi now hopes to become a medium of spreading the same flame which illuminated the light of truth within her. This hope constantly aspires her towards Seva, Swadhyay and Shasan Prabhavna with complete devotion towards Jin Shasan, Parmatma and Pujya Gurudev. She eagerly awaits the day when she will unite with her True Self, embracing a monastic lifestyle of universal compassion and nonviolence towards every living being in the world - the path of Jain Diksha!

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